Cartouches TAURUS Flat

TAURUS Cartridges system will change the Tattoo Market. This professional tattoo cartridges will make the life of tattoo artist easier thanks quickly changing needle modules, you can get your tattoo machine ready to use in a matter of seconds. The modular system ensures that you can concentrate on your art and your clients 100%. A safety membrane ensures that no pigment can enter into the motor and that no contaminated germs, viruses or bacteria can pass through the membrane and get into your client´s bloodstream. To meet the needs of Tattoo artists and satisfy all tattoo style TAURUS offers over 100 different needle configurations. Configuration indicates how the needles are grouped together and determines the way with which the ink will be injected into the skin. There are several types of configuration. F: Plat. Les aiguilles sont rassemblées dans une formation linéaire. Ils sont utilisés pour créer des formes géométriques et l'ombrage. Le diamètre est de 0,35 mm et il ya un modèle Long Taper FLT en fonction de la longueur de la pointe.

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